3 Media Artist that rock your world

1.Benton C Bainbridge


Benton C Bainbridge (born January 22, 1966) is an American media artist known for creating single channel video, interactive artworks, immersive installations and live visual performances with custom digital, analog and optical systems of his own design. Bainbridge was born in Cleveland, Ohio.

Benton’s art:




Why and what i like about his work:

The reason why i like Benton’s art is because his art is different. he creates them in video form and are full of bright colors which gets a lot of attention. Bainbridge also curates, teaches and advises on video art and tech.

2.Jesse Bonnell


Jesse Bonnell is an American artist whose work combines installation, video, photography, drawing and performance. From his Facebook page, it says his art is mostly based in Philadelphia.

Jesse’s art:



3. Nyame Brown


Nyame Brown is an artist from San Francisco, CA whose multimedia work explores the intermingling of African-American pop culture and the larger African Diaspora.[1] He received his BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and his MFA from Yale University School of Art in 1997.[2] He is currently a faculty member at the Oakland School of the Arts.


Nyame’s art:


Image result for Nyame Brown multimedia artistRelated image


Image result for Nyame Brown multimedia artist


Why and what i like about his work:

Nyame Brown’s art screams culture, ethnicity and his use of his motherland’s      artifacts. I like how he broadens his professional network and propagate the                        work he’s doing.






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